Ecological Design

Equipo | Inter-American Development Bank (Felipe Vera, Jennifer Doherty-Bigara, Soledad Patiño, Jeannette Sordi)
Estado | Publication 
Year I 2022

The second volume of the series Ecological Design: Strategies for the Vulnerable City, presents a report on urban and national policies, strategies and case studies to enhance public space and territory in the most vulnerable urban areas of Latin America and the Caribbean through green infrastructure and nature-based solutions. These interventions offer multiple advantages to improve the quality of public space and increase the urban resilience of the most vulnerable settlements.

This volume, Urban Green Infrastructure and Public Space in Latin America and the Caribbean, highlights the social, economic and environmental advantages of intervening in public space through nature, outlining a series of criteria and implementation strategies. Thirty public space and green infrastructure projects developed in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last twenty years, distributed in diverse biogeographic regions and inserted in very dissimilar contexts, are presented, analyzing the conditions of these environments, their main risks and background of the projects, the solutions adopted, the construction and implementation processes, the environmental and social benefits provided, and their evolution over time.