Mendoza 2030 Urban Lab

Team | Inter-American Developmen Bank (Felipe Vera, Soledad Patiño, Stefano Romagnoli, Matías Lince) 
State | In construction 
Client I Mendoza City Goberment 
Year I 2022 – 2023

The reuse and urban development of the former Aeroparque de Mendoza is a project that arose from the IDB, the Office for Urbanization of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, with the participation of provincial and municipal teams. The obsolete airport is conceived as an urban laboratory, 72 hectares for the testing of three visions: a more open, inclusive and carbon neutral city. The masterplan outlines strategies around environmental sustainability, efficient resource management, housing, mobility and accessible public spaces, together with local social development. It envisages parks, retail and gastronomy, a technology hub, and the development of accessible housing models.

During the official presentation of the project, March 2023, the Paraguayan architect Solano Benítez was invited to address the recycling of demolition materials and the importance of implementing local techniques and materials in the city of the future through an installation built in situ with community actors.